Atlas Cube Ice


Opens 365 Days A Year

Manufactured with the latest ice making technology, under stringent quality control.

The water used is filtered to remove dirt particles and then flows through the ultraviolet sterilizer to kill any germs. The resulting ice is pure, hygenic and packed in plastic bags, free from contamination, ready to dispense in your favourite drinks.

Atlas cube ice is sold in supermarkets, mini markets and certain other outlets in convenient sizes. An increasing number of restaurants, coffee shops, stalls, gerai and eateries are serving ATLAS CUBE ICE.

For your hygiene and good health, insist on ATLAS CUBE ICE with your cold drinks from today.

With an efficient distribution and delivery network, ATLAS CUBE ICE is available everyday.

This commitment to reliable supply of sparkling, clear, pure ice is made by:
Atlas Edible Ice (B) Sdn Bhd.